Cash Flow Analysis: A Guide for the Corporate Financial Analyst

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Cash Flow Analysis: A Guide for the Corporate Financial Analyst is a guide to effective cash flow analysis and presentation for the corporate financial analyst. It is designed to teach corporate analysts how to competently review and clearly present cash flow information.

CASH FLOW ANALYSIS provides the corporate finance team unique insight to firm liquidity, return, and value. If structured correctly, visibility to cash flow can serve as a game changer. Strategically designed analysis and presentation can eliminate inefficient capital structures, enhance profitability, and guide the firm to superior monetized return. Then, as the quality and reliability of profitability grows, visibility to valuation avoids debate.

Specific topics include:
• Knowing when to use indirect versus direct cash flow data
• Crafting standard presentations of liquidity such as Capitalization Tables and Sources & Uses summaries
• Understanding and communicating variances between accrued income and monetized return
• Building functional cash flow forecasting
• Using cash flow information to analyze and present valuation
• Presenting efficient payback models

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